Promo Codes


This is how you get your discount using our Promotional Codes (Coupons) : )

After you have selected the item you want (and after you have added them to your cart)

(A) Checkout Screen - You will see the item still in Full price. Please select checkout with Paypal..

(B) The paypal screen will appear (Price still in full) - You may choose to pay with your paypal account, or if youd prefer, your credit card. In the image below, I have selected my paypal account.

(C) Another paypal screen will appear for you to confirm your payment details (you will still see full price here)

(D) Anglia Screen. you will then be prompted here for the promo code - its RAUDHA50 (or any other code), click apply

(E) Purchase Confirmation > you will see your purchase confirmation here with new price, click complete my purchase, and we're done!!

Happy Shopping!!

With Love, the folks at Anglia.